AI Governance Forum 2020

08 and 09 June, 2020, Digital Conference.

From the governance of AI to the governance via AI?

A focus on Covid-19 and Climate change.


What is AI Governance Forum?

Building Trust in Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the second edition of the AI Governance Forum !

The AI Governance Forum is a multi-stakeholders platform, open to all interested parties and dedicated to build Human-Trust in AI for the benefit of all. Stakeholders can be from public or private sector, scientific community and civil society. The AI Governance Forum considers each stakeholder as equal partner to the discussion.

The AI Governance Forum is based on the conviction that a collective intelligence process is an essential component to manage the AI impact on our society. It contributes to build an open artificial intelligence for the benefit of all.

2020 : A fully digital conference

This year the conference will be held 100% virtually.

English will be the language of the event. The event is open to registered participants only, who can attend the event live. The proceedings of the Forum will be recorded to create a publicly available record (as a summary), which will be uploaded on the AI Governance Forum website after the conclusion of the event.


Yoshua Bengio

MILA Center
University of Montreal


Luca Ferretti

University of Oxford


Paul Nemitz

EU Commission


Karine Perset


Marc Rotenberg



Peter Burgess

École Normale Supérieure Paris


Christoph Lütge

Technical University Munich

Yi Zeng

 Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence

Seungryong Kim

 Korea University

Danielle Belgrave

Microsoft Research


Hanan Salam

Emlyon Business School


Sasha Rubel



Joanna Bryson

Centre for Digital Governance Hertie School

Lenka Zdeborová


Anne Cambon-Thomsen


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